About Us

The Disability Rights & Resource Center was established on September 16, 2013. Formerly known as the Independent Living Services for the Piedmont Area, the DRRC is a private, non-profit, community agency with non-residential programs. The DRCC serves the counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania, as well as the independent cities of Martinsville and Danville. Support for our services is received from local and state sources and donations from businesses and individuals in the service area. The DRRC is governed by a Board of Directors with a majority of members having disabilities.

Board of Directors

Delma Jamison, President – Danville

Cynthia Jones, Vice President – Patrick County

Sandra Phillips, Secretary – Martinsville

Scott Guebert, Treasurer – Martinsville

Jonathan Evans, Assistant Treasurer– Danville

Chance Trevillion, Member – Rocky Mount

Brian Witcher, Member – Rocky Mount

Scott Albrecht, Member – Rocky Mount

Steve Stone, Member – Martinsville

Laura Steere, Member – Martinsville


Carol Tuning, Executive Director
Pam Cobler, E.D., Community Advocate
Sto Belongia, Independent Living Coordinator (City of Martinsville/Henry/Patrick County)
Sharon Tyree, Independent Living Coordinator (Franklin County)
Kearston Moore, Independent Living Coordinator (City of Danville/Pittsylvania County)
Alice Clayborne, Receptionist

Meet our Board of Directors